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Here's the Proposed New Design for LA's Light Rail Trains

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To accommodate the expanding Gold Line, Expo Line, and forthcoming Crenshaw Line--and also to replace an aging fleet--Metro is expecting a big order of new light rail trains in a few years. The transit agency is now experimenting with a new paint job for the cars, which if approved, will cover all the light rail trains that travel from Pasadena and Culver City and all points in between. The proposed new design features "Metro" supergraphics and reflective patterns "conveying motion and Southern California sunlight," according to The Source. The idea is to brand the trains, make them sleeker, and also ensure they reflect light so people don't walk out in front of them. "We are seeking to transform Metro's trains into gleaming, contemporary vehicles that express LA as a world class urban center," Jorge Pardo, Director of Art & Design for Metro's Creative Services, said. "We're creating safer trains and doing it with a sense of style that the world now expects of LA."

Jump to the 45-second mark:
[Video via Transit Coalition poster Gokhan]
· New light rail car designs in the works [The Source]