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Here's Mayor Villaraigosa's Rumored New House in Venice

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Newly-ex-mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has said he wants to live close to the airport now that he's out of office so that he can travel a lot, and rumors have been circulating for a while that he's looking in Venice, but now KABC has it "on excellent authority" that he's ready to buy. Here's the house: it was built in 2005 and comes with four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, plus an office, a dining room, a "treetops-surrounded spacious dining patio with Viking grill," master with "antique-tiled fireplace, private balcony and an exquisite spa bathroom," "generous laundry room," wine cellar, two-car garage, and gated parking for two more cars (probably important when you have a security detail). The house isn't even in escrow yet, but is asking $2.295 million. Villaraigosa will be a visiting fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics this fall; he'll also be an advisor to Banc of California's CEO and receive a $97,380 annual pension from the city, so that pricetag is probably NBD for him. Still, this would be like New York Mayor Bloomberg's gatehouse.

· 856 VENEZIA Ave [Redfin]