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LA's Top 3 'Hoods For Preschoolers Vs. Elementary Schoolers

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Trulia has gone and found some interesting if unsurprising trends in where parents of nursery-school-age kids live ("stroller neighborhoods") versus where parents of elementary-school-age kids ("backpack neighborhoods") live: "backpack neighborhoods tend to be lower density and nearer to suburban boundaries. The extreme stroller neighborhoods tend to be in or near downtown city centers. Even when parents don't move out of the city to the actual suburbs, parents tend to move from the city's core outward to quieter city neighborhoods when the kids reach school age." In addition to being higher-density, stroller 'hoods are generally more expensive, but in weirdo Los Angeles, the reverse is true--it's the pricey suburbanish neighborhoods that attract the elementary school crowd.

In LA, the stroller 'hoods are relatively predictable (neighborhoods known for having a lot of young families), but a lot of the real backpack 'hoods are pretty remote (calm down, Westside, we mean like West Hills). Here are the top three neighborhoods for each--they "looked at the relative populations of children aged 0-4 and 5-9," so a number below one means "more families are moving out of that area than moving in as children reach school age" and a number above one means "more families are moving into that area than moving out as children reach school age."

Stroller Neighborhoods
1. Playa Vista (90094) - 0.3
2. Hollywood Hills/West Hollywood (90069) - 0.50
3. Marina Del Rey (90292) - 0.55

Backpack Neighborhoods
1. Topanga (90290) - 1.4
2. West Hills/Bell Canyon (91307) - 1.32
3. Pacific Palisades (90272) - 1.29
· America's Top Backpack And Stroller Neighborhoods [Trulia]