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Subway/Freeway Tunnel Under 405 Could Start in 2 to 3 Years

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Metro remains bullish on having a private company help pay for and construct a super-tunnel--with room for cars and trains--connecting the Valley to the Westside under the 405. "The transit agency could be looking for funding partners within a year," reports myFOXla. Construction could start in two to three years and the tunnel would take four to five years to build--apparently this part of LA is free of earthquake faults, which makes everything less complicated. All this is assuming a private entity agrees to front $9 billion to construct such a thing--Metro has $1B for the $10B project--in exchange for expressway tolls and train fares. The above-ground 405 would remain free to drive, says Moliere, and adds that the initial 10-mile tunnel could one day be extended north to Sylmar and south to LAX.

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