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Malibu Might Start Charging For Parking Along PCH

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Ah the glories of Malibu--the surf, the sand, the free parking along PCH. But there's good new for the guy behind you, cursing you while you crawl along at five miles per hour in the right lane in search of an empty spot with easy access to the sand: a new report is urging the city to make the spots along the highway into paid spaces in the hopes it will get people to use the beach lots instead. It's one of 80 recommendations made in the report, which was commissioned by Malibu to improve safety along 21 miles of PCH. It seems that all those would-be parkers who are "naturally attracted to free parking along the busy highway," as the Malibu Times puts it, are causing a major safety hazard. The report also suggests creating east and westbound bike lanes throughout the length of Malibu (and sharrow marking where the road isn't wide enough for a full-blown lane), and ensuring all buses and bus stops are wheelchair accessible.
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