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W Hollywood Sues Neighboring Millennium Hollywood Towers

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Talk about kicking a project while it's down: the enormous Millennium Hollywood got battered in the press a few weeks back for maybe possibly (or not) trying to build its two Capitol Records-surrounding towers right on top of an active earthquake fault. The project was approved by the city last month and the developer has agreed to do further testing to prove the project's safe (or not), but now the neighboring W Hollywood has filed suit against the project. They've long been grumpy about the project, expressing unhappiness at a public hearing that the developer's plans never included actual detailed plans of what was going to be built. But the lawsuit filed today "contends that the developers failed to analyze all environmental impacts -- including seismic and geological issues -- while planning for the 1.1 million-square-foot development," according to Park La Brea News, making the project's environmental impact report "legally deficient."
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