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Unflipped, Non-Hipster Bungalow in Echo Park Asking $399k

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Glory be! It's an unflipped, unhipsterfied, non-teardown, regular person house in Echo Park for under $400,000. Could it possibly be, or is this a big hunk of juicy red meat to get the Great Bidding Wars of '13 started again? This house is small and won't make anyone weak in the knees, but it offers an increasingly rare combination: livability and affordability. It has two bedrooms (a third was converted to a sitting room), updated--if unlovely--bathroom and kitchen, and porches for days. The listing says an attic space can be converted to a studio, but probably only for the hunchback in your life. It last sold in 2008 for $260,000, nearly $100,000 less than it was originally listed for. It's now asking $399,000.

· 1518 Lake Shore Ave. [Redfin]