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Future North Atwater Bridge Might Accidentally Kill Birds

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A proposed bridge in North Atwater Village was planned to allow pedestrians, bikers, and horses to cross the LA River into Griffith Park and, apparently, to murder birds. Travis Longcore, science director of The Urban Wildlands Group, says that La Kretz Crossing, which was designed to be both iconic and to blend into the scenery, will achieve its goal a little too successfully, and that the larger birds that frequent the area won't be able see its cables until it's too late. Longcore met with the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, who didn't seem too concerned about problems raised--not because they're in favor of killing birds, but because they feel reassured by the environmental review process that the bridge design has already gone through, says KCET. Still, the city's Department of Public Works is now looking into possibly attaching bird diverters to the bridge when it's built.
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