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Chinatown's Decade-Late Blossom Plaza Delayed Yet Again

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You have got to be joking, Blossom Plaza. The very delayed mixed-use project, in the works for a decade now, finally got underway with a ceremonial groundbreaking in May--emphasis on the ceremonial. Real work was supposed to begin this month, but now Downtown News reports that it's been delayed again, this time until October. Sure, what's another couple months when we've waited this long, but this is starting to feel like Charlie Brown and the football. This time, the delay comes at the request of new City Councilmember Gil Cedillo, who doesn't want construction to interfere with Chinatown's Autumn Moon Festival in September. Blossom Plaza will eventually have 240 residential units, retail space, public parking, and a pedestrian plaza connecting to the Gold Line station.
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