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The 405 Through LA is the Busiest Interstate in Any US City

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Pop that champagne, 405 Freeway, you're still the busiest interstate in any city in the country! The US Department of Transportation released a report on the number of miles traveled on the nation's roads, and California (and LA in particular) swept the top honors once again. Or lost badly, if you're not a fan of sitting in traffic. Not only did California lead the country in miles traveled, but the three busiest freeways--the 5, 10, and 110--all pass through our fair city. And then there's the 405, the "busiest interstate in any city in America averaging 379,000 vehicles each day," according to the Daily Breeze. Not exactly a surprise to anyone who's seen the 405, a traffic report, or this story from last year about it being the "most congested corridor."
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