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Marbleicious "Designer Villa" in the Marina Asking $4 Million

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Positively dwarfing its neighbors on a small street in Marina Del Rey is this marble-and-light-filled, four-bedroom, five-bathroom "designer Villa." Built in 2000, the house has an elevator, roof deck, wine cellar, three-car garage, a multitude of balconies, and did we mention the marble? It's got views, it's got a falling leaves stained glass window above the stairwell, and it's got a possibly outlandish price tag. At $3.925 million, it's asking nearly double what two similarly-sized houses sold for recently on the same street. Maybe not an entirely fair comparison (seriously, check out this '80s masterpiece), but this house isn't exactly a work of art either. Despite that mosaic by the front door.

· 5003 Roma Ct. [Redfin]