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Why Doesn't Anyone Want This 2005 Beverly Hills House?

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One critique often lobbed at these modernish new-build houses is that they only attract buyers who want to live in never-lived-in houses, so when this 2005 number popped up we were curious to see how the asking price matched up to the original sale price. Trouble is, the eight-year-old house has been on and off the market six times and has never sold. Poor kid. Worse yet, it also seems to have been on fire last summer. The stripped-back three-bedroom house, designed by Tag Front, has "concrete & walnut flooring, soaring glass walls, stainless steel elements and exposed beams." The kitchen looks to be completely impractical if you want anything more than shiny appliances and some of the finishes are a little dated, but we've definitely seen worse. What gives? Since 2007, it's been listed for most prices between $1.39 million and its current ask of $1.785 million.

· 10060 Westwanda Drive [Redfin]