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Crime is Up in the Arts District Since the Safety Org Shut Down

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It's been a couple months since a judge ordered the Arts District Business Improvement District--the property-owner-funded group that organized stuff like bike security patrols and trash pick-up in the neighborhood--to dissolve, and Downtown News checked in to see how the neightborhood's getting on. Fine, if a bit more crime-ridden, it turns out. In June and July, thefts from cars and "part one crimes" (like car thefts) were both up. The LAPD responded with an increased presence, which has brought crime back down so far in August.

And the residents are responding, too. Two groups are vying to succeed the BID, though it doesn't sound like there's a great deal of difference between them. Both say their top priorities are to make the neighborhood "clean and safe," and both want more green space. One, however, wants to bring in the old BID personnel to do their old jobs--minus the economic development activity that got the group shut down--while the other wants to hire a new team. City Councilmember Jose Huizar is (probably wisely) not taking sides, and just says he wants a new program in place ASAP. Anyone know what side BID-hatin' actor Vincent Gallo is on?
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