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What Angelenos Can Afford, Another Silver Lake Accolade

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[Proposed Jordan Downs redevelopment project in Watts. Image via]

This Week's Top Stories: Little talked about Silver Lake has been awarded the blue ribbon for best LA neighborhood by an esteemed publication which cited the 'hood's new found walkability, quality school(s), and general family and hipster friendliness. Before our concrete loving forefathers tamed the Los Angeles River, it was a house swallowing menace that also took out a bridge or two. Speaking of great works of infrastructure, Tesla and Pay Pal founder Elon Musk has proposed a way to fling people back and forth between LA and San Francisco at phenomenal speeds in a transit system he calls Hyperloop. It may be time to ask for a raise (or get a job at DWP), since new statistics released by the California Association of Realtors shows that only 37 percent of Angelenos make enough money to afford a median-priced home ($378,390). Santa Monica's new yet-to-be-opened Tongva Park looks splendid, with some grass and benches and small trees and trash cans and a few architectural flourishes here and there. It's just ok. The Jordan Downs Housing Projects in Watts are finally getting some investment dollars that will transform the blighted public housing into an urban village with a mix of shops, mixed-income housing and public space.