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Architect Jerrold Lomax's Own Cubist Modern in Sunset Plaza

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[Photos by Cameron Carothers]

As Craig Ellwood's first employee and lead designer during the 1950s, architect Jerrold Lomax played a major role in the design of some of Ellwood's most celebrated projects, including his Case Study Houses. Lomax is now in his mid-eighties and still practicing in the Monterey area, but in 1971 he designed this cubist residence on Sunset Plaza Drive as his family home. Described by David Gebhard and Robert Winter's An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles as "a reminder in the Modernist tradition that architecture can be minimalist sculpture on a grand scale," and as an "essay in interpenetrating space" by its listing, the 2,970-square-foot house divides its four bedrooms, four baths, living room, dining room, library, office, and garage between three levels. Features include two fireplaces, radiant floor heating, ceramic tile, and multiple decks and patios. Sited on a 10,560-square-foot lot, it's asking $2.25 million.

· The Lomax Residence, 1971 [Crosby Doe Associates]