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Dodger Stadium is Having a Skunk Invasion This Summer

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All summer long, skunks have been terrorizing Dodger Stadium, but you know what? They seem to be good luck, so maybe go with it? The first skunk report of the season appears to date from June 3, but according to the LA Times, "In the last week, Dodgers staff says it has run across at least three of the critters, all on the reserve level near the top of the stadium. On Monday, a skunk scurried under the souvenir kiosk at Section 20, just after 6 p.m., an hour before game time." Check Twitter for hilarious photos and video of staff on the skunk hunt--on Monday, they chased the little guy "with brooms, before boxing it and removing it from the stadium and relocating it in the hills" (but not before it sprayed and the scent of skunk wafted through the stands).

There have been seven skunk sightings since June, including two in the stands, but the "team denies having a skunk 'problem'." (Still, they admit they've set traps.) The invasion could be the result of Dodger Stadium's new landscaping, but also they just like the concessions: "They would love a chunk of hot dog," says one wildlife expert. In the past, Dodger Stadium has been visited by raccoons, coyotes, and in the fourth inning of a game in 1994, a possum right on the field.

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