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York Boulevard About to Be Bookended By Starbucks Stores

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Now gentrification is just fucking with us, putting two drive-through Starbuckses just a couple miles apart on York Boulevard, the poster child for Northeast LA gentrification. There's already one on the Eagle Rock end of the strip and now the Classic Burger owner near Figueroa in Highland Park wants to convert that building into a second. According to Eastsider LA, an LA zoning administrator has approved the new store despite a lot of objections from locals (they don't like the drive-through or the ridiculous proximity to a second drive-through Starbucks). Anyway, the owner plans a dining room and patio that would seat about 30, a new rock garden, and a bike rack, in case the yuppie vibe was not explicit enough.
· Goodbye Burgers, Hello Starbucks: Coffee chain makes progress on second York Boulevard location [Eastsider LA]