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Mulholland and His Aqueduct Will Be Together Again in Los Feliz

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DID YOU KNOW that one of the three keys to "getting" Los Angeles is kept in a diamond safe at the bottom of the Mulholland Memorial Fountain in Los Feliz? Seriously, it's an important landmark. And now the monument to William Mulholland will get an accompanying garden in honor of his greatest work: the Los Angeles Aqueduct. The aqueduct turns 100 this fall and the Los Angeles Aqueduct Centennial Garden will open in October with new "landscaping and plants, walking paths, park benches and educational signage," plus a decomposed granite path "that depicts the Aqueduct's alignment starting from Mono Lake to Los Angeles, as well as a 10-foot diameter riveted steel section of the original Aqueduct pipe." And unlike the fountain, it will show off "the beautiful possibilities of water-wise landscaping."

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