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Silver Lakers Want to Ban Airbnb Rentals in Their Neighborhood

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Some Silver Lakers are incensed at the amount of people staying in Airbnbs in their neighborhood (the website that hooks visitors up with locals who provide short-term lodging in their apartments or houses). Some are so unhappy about Airbnbers that they're petitioning the neighborhood council's Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee to pass a resolution encouraging the City Council to ban Airbnb rentals in Silver Lake, reports Eastsider. "While currently legal in the City of Los Angeles, these hotel-like room rentals are unpopular with neighbors in residential neighborhoods as they bring transients, traffic, create potential safety issues and could negatively impact surrounding property values," according to the proposal in front of the committee, which meets at 6:30 tonight at the Citibank on Glendale Avenue. Those pushing for action against Airbnbs bring up a local triplex that has three short-term rentals available; it's referred to as "hotel-lite."
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