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Silver Lake Named Los Angeles's Best Neighborhood

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Time was, a money-focused national publication would say the best neighborhood in Los Angeles was something like Santa Monica or Brentwood--a rich and relatively walkable Westside neighborhood--and they'd ghettoize eastish-side favorites like Silver Lake as, say, the Best Hipster Neighborhood (as Forbes did last fall). But now CNNMoney has ranked the Best Big-City Neighborhoods and LA's entrant? The unstoppable, Whole-Foods-getting Silver Lake. They based their selections on " data, city visits, and talks with locals," and remarkably seem to have gotten a pretty clear picture of the neighborhood (rare for an out-of-town publication!): "this area has blossomed in recent years, becoming a haven for families as well as the hipsters who first popularized it. The stretch of Sunset Boulevard that runs through Silver Lake is packed with shops and hotspots, defying the 'no walking in L.A.' cliché." And of course, there's Ivanhoe: "Locals say Ivanhoe Elementary is excellent, and involved parents are beginning to raise the bar at other local schools." They also note that the housing market "especially for homes that feed into Ivanhoe Elementary, can be fiercely competitive," which no duh. The median home value is now $632,000 and a two-bedroom rental goes for about $2,100. Yeah: the Silver Lake of decades past is way, way dead.
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