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Sushi Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Selling in Beverly Hills, Buying Crazy Hugh Newell Jacobsen in Bel Air

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Sushi kingpin Nobu Matsuhisa (he owns the Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants, duh) has revealed some refined real estate tastes. He and his wife are off-loading a relatively standard updated mid-century in Beverly Hills, but they're replacing it with a very strange Hugh Newell Jacobsen-designed house in Bel Air (which they got for a huge discount). First to Bev Hills, where the couple is selling a 1969 four-bedroom that they bought in 1994 for $1 million, according to the Real Estalker. It comes with four bathrooms, a circular living room, a pool, a wine cellar, an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, a tatami room, and a sushi prep kitchen with counter. Asking price is $3.599 million.

And now over to Bel Air, where RE hears the Matsuhisas dropped a wad on a seriously pointy Hugh Newell Jacobsen house commissioned by Cleon and Betty Knapp, who used to own Architectural Digest. They listed the house way back in May 2011 for $23.95 million and sold it in June for $15.625 million.

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