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Beverly Hills' Purple Line Fight, Angels Knoll Park Closed

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[Inside Alex Trebek's 80's fabulous Hollywood Hills home, now on the market]

This Week's Top Stories: There's good news and then there's great news, and word that the State Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to by local opponents of the Expo Line - Phase II falls into that latter category. In other Metro news, opponents of the Purple Line subway who happen to sit on the Beverly Hills City Council are finding new ways to punish an entire region because Metro decided to tunnel one way and not the other and rich people aren't getting there way for once. Ooh, some renderings of a proposal to add four large towers connected by a sky bridge to the Medallion project in Downtown caused quite a stir among commenters. The City has closed down Angels Knoll park where we go every weekend to make-out with our Joseph Gordon-Levitt cardboard cutout. Not cool Mayor Garcetti! A 1920's era Hollywood abode has come on the market with some fabulously hideous upgrades including marble, marble, marble, mirrors and marble. In case you wanted to take your death obsessed Goth-loving teenage nephew from Ohio on a tour only they could appreciate, Curbed has mapped 16 of the most celebrity filled cemeteries in Los Angeles. British boy band One Direction are renting a big ugly house shaped like a boat in the Hollywood Hills while in town for their string of concerts.