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Mindblowing $2MM House in Studio City Struggles to Find Buyer

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The listing calls this house in Studio City "breathtaking," which'll get no argument from us. The house has three bedrooms and five bathrooms and an address on Picturesque Avenue, which is just perfect. On the market since 2010 and featured here last year, it's had at least two pricechops; it's back again with new photos and an asking price of $1.999 million. What are buyers waiting for?! This place is perfect. Sure, we can understand the skepticism--the streetlights on the roof are odd at first, but they'll make perfect sense in a sec. Just wait. And yes, once inside, the black-and-gold rooms flow in a way that makes no sense at all--and is that a fireplace by the front door? There's a bit of an ancient Egypt motif, a teeny indoor pool next to a pool table (genius), and a teal-accented and be-columned master bedroom that for some reason matches the kickiest hotel knock-off roofdeck we've seen in a while, complete with, yes, street lamps. This house is so perfectly one person's vision of glamour that of course no one else wants to buy it. But what a vision.

· 11699 Picturesque Drive [Redfin]