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Most New Households in Los Angeles Have Few or No Cars

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A recent report found that most new households in Portland have fewer cars than people--they're "car-light"--which certainly seems impressive. But Los Angeles is actually blowing Portland out of the water in terms of new residents with few or no cars, according to the Better Institutions blog (via Streetsblog). From 2005 to 2011, LA added more than 20,000 new households, and more than 8,000 of those families, or 40 percent, own zero cars. Car-light families made up nearly 18,000 new households, or 89 percent of all new households. (Better Institutions's Shane Phillips believes the numbers for zero cars and car-light households in LA should be even higher, as the numbers don't include adults who don't work and don't have a car (retired people, sick folks, etc.), nor do they differentiate between homes with one adult and one car and homes with one adult, one minor, and one car. We should see the uncar-ing trend continue, Streetsblog posits, especially since the Expo Line, Orange Line extension, Wilshire bus-only lanes, and a slew of bike lanes all opened after 2011.
· Almost All of Los Angeles' Growth Is in Low-car Households [Streetsblog]