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Rich and Famous Hidden Hills Uses the Most Energy in Cali

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Gated little Hidden Hills--current or recent home to the rich and famous, including Drake, Britney Spears, the Osbournes, Jessica Simpson, and Sean Penn--loves itself some sweet, sweet energy. The city "used significantly more electricity in 2012 (especially in September) than any other city in California," reports Forbes. In September, homes there "consumed an average of nearly four and a half megawatt hours of electricity" and homeowners "paid an average monthly electric utility bill of more than $1,200 for doing so." Hidden Hills, not at all coincidentally, is full of giant incomes and attendantly giant houses. Most of the biggest energy-users in the state are quite rich--the top 15 (pdf) also includes Bradbury, Rolling Hills, Malibu, and La Cañada Flintridge.

The 15 cities that used the least energy on average in 2012 included several in Southeast Los Angeles, including Bell, Huntington Park, and Maywood. Nearby Hawthorne also made that list.

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