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New Park and Stream Headed to Lincoln Heights

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Does Angelenos' desire for waterside recreation know no bounds? LA River plans were coming fast and furious last week, and now comes word from the Eastsider about the Lincoln Heights greenway. Ok, so it's a little anticlimactic compared to the LA River hoopla, but it's a nice bit of green space, and serves an ecological function to boot. The water in the dry bed will come from stormwater runoff, and the greenway will clean it of pollutants before it hits the river. The one-acre park, named for former LA City Councilmember Ed Reyes, will feature a waterfall and footbridge in addition to the stream, but is still months away from opening. Which is good, because as much as we want to embrace new parks around here, this guy's looking a little sad so far from the pictures available. Grow, trees, grow!
· Lincoln Heights "greenway" is underway [Eastsider LA]