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$1.14-Million South Park Condo Doesn't Care If You Like It

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You know how some listing photos just try so darn hard to make you love them, perfectly-staged, processed to the nth degree, with just a touch or two of whimsy? This ain't one of 'em. In fact, the badly-lit photos of this unfurnished unit (taken at night) seem to be aggressively not trying. It's like the pouty teenager of listing photos. Which would make some kind of sense were this a bargain or a teardown, but it's neither: it's a $1.1396-million condo in South Park's six-year-old Luma South building. But despite the condo's attempt to deflect our attention, it clearly has some things going for it: it's a fifteenth-floor corner unit with two en suite bedrooms and a powder room, high ceilings, a large balcony (not pictured!), floor-to-ceiling windows, and some exposed concrete (if you're into that sort of thing). Monthly homeowners association fees of $700 get the buyer secure parking, a pool, gym, and barbecue area. We're not quite sure what to make of it, or its last sale price of $640,000 in 2010.
· 1100 South Hope Street [Redfin]

Luma South

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