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13-Story Tower Headed for Miracle Mile's Museum Square

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The Academy's Motion Picture Museum and the Purple Line subway extension both start construction prep work in Miracle Mile soon, and now comes word from Park La Brea News that a new office tower is likely going up in the area too. Developer JH Snyder, which owns the Museum Square office/retail project on Wilshire, is planning a 13-story, 254,000-square-foot building facing Curson Avenue and tucked behind the Square's restaurants. It will replace a surface parking lot and add two levels to an adjacent garage, adding 550 spots. The community seems pleased with the project, though a local homeowners' group president mentions there are concerns over the gassy ground (methane explosions!) and over the intersection of Wilshire and Curson sinking into the earth, though one would assume that if a subway can be built in this area, an office building can be too. Work should start in a year and take between 12 and 18 months.
· Office building proposed for Museum Square Site [Park La Brea News]