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Buy Real Estate, Medical Pot in Fake LA of Grand Theft Auto V

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Rockstar Games has released a new little infomercial for its forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V, which will be set in a place called Los Santos: a "sprawling, satirical reimagining of modern Southern California, covering mountains and oceans, expensive stores and stripmalls, urban decay and untouched wilderness, beaches and backwoods, the sublime and the ridiculous, greed and hypocrisy." Yeah, they got our number. This video shows even more of the real Los Angeles locations that have been recreated for the enormous world of the game (and some fake locations--one apartment looks straight out of Jackie Brown), and shows that players will be able to do yoga and buy medical marijuana, statistically the two most frequently-engaged-in activities in Southern California. There are even weirdo high desert rednecks and, of course, some kind of hostage situation at California Plaza. And you'll also be able to dabble in LA's oldest pursuit: real estate investment. But a condo overlooking the marina for $250k? The verisimilitude evaporates.

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