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Getting a Better Look at LA's Many Fake Tree Cell Towers

[Images via Emily Shur]

There are few things sillier about the modern landscape than cell phone towers disguised as trees. Every now and then you see one by the side of the highway that's vaguely plausible at 70 miles an hour, but most of the time they're pretty hopeless. Now Photographer Emily Shur has cataloged some of the finer Southern California specimens as part of a project called "Nature Calls." She told the Atlantic Cities that the neighborhoods where she finds most of the tree towers "have largely been either industrial or pretty generic residential," but even a seasoned fake-tree-spotter like her gets fooled sometimes. "The worst is when we've driven great lengths to see if one was fake only to find out it's a real tree," she says. Judging by her totally excellent collection, the fake palm tree is the favored style in these parts, though the fake pine manufacturers needn't despair. Check out the rest at Shur's site.
· The Many Disguises of California's Cell Phone Towers [Atlantic Cities]