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Metro Getting More Disability-Friendly, Starting With South Pas

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The Gold Line's South Pasadena station, formerly known as the Mission stop, is getting a little work done, reports The Source (that's a video of the South Pas station above). The remodel--with weekday-only work--is set to wrap up in September and will add new disabled-accessible ramps on both sides of the station; the ramps will replace existing stairs. The Source notes today that their buses and trains are accommodating tens of thousands more disabled people than previously--80,000 a month compared to 3,500 per month a decade ago (that's the most in the US). The transit agency is adding more signage indicating space reserved for disabled people, easier securement for wheelchairs, and more room for them on trains and articulated buses.
· Metro to reconstruct entrance to South Pasadena Station [The Source]

Gold Line South Pasadena Station

905 Meridian Ave., South Pasadena, CA