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Here's the (Delayed) Venice Zipline Going Up on the Boardwalk

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Well, the Venice zipline has never been a timely fellow and now, while it feels soooo close, it's been delayed yet another week or so. (It was supposed to open by the end of June/July 1, but apparently materials were late in arriving.) Work started last Monday and operator Flightlinez has sent us these construction photos--once the structure is built, more than 10 local artists will add their work live on-site. Once it finally opens, the zipline will operate from 11 am to sunset and cost $20 per rider ($18 for transit pass holders); there'll also be bike/skateboard/rollerblade valet (haha, rollerblade valet!) and free shuttle from public lots on weekends and holidays. The ticket office is across from the zipline's landing deck south of Windward on Ocean Front Walk.

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