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New Renderings as Redondo Pier Makeover Moves Forward

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The big makeover for the Redondo Beach Pier cleared an important hurdle this week when the city council voted to proceed with the project's environmental impact report. The latest concepts for the decaying pier, from developer CenterCal, include a boutique hotel, "high-end movie theater, several chain restaurants and a two-lane road connecting Torrance Boulevard to Harbor Drive" plus "open space with wider sidewalks, a new boardwalk and would replace Seaside Lagoon with a free, accessible beach," says Redondo Beach Patch. But while things were going fairly smoothly for the project during CenterCal's "listening tour" earlier this year, signs are now pointing towards a brewing development battle, because where's the fun without one. Yesterday's vote was 3-2, and the councilmember representing the waterfront area was one of the dissenters. And even those for the project were quick to assure residents that nothing's going to happen any time soon. Neighbor complaints at the meeting included view obstruction and the new-to-us "There is no reason to have a movie theater in a beach community."

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