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You Can No Longer Be Ticketed For Parking at a Broken Meter

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This morning the LA City Council voted to stop ticketing cars parked at broken meters, in a victory for lovers of sense and serendipity. Councilmembers were convinced that the fancy new meters the city finished installing meant broken meters are now a rarity (and that the ticketing policy made them about as popular as Lyme disease). They'll revisit the policy in six months to see whether the change led to an increase in jerks breaking meters on purpose--a city engineer told the Council that only seven meters had been deliberately jammed since the start of the year, reports the LA Times. Now the important question: if a meter is fixed while you're parked at it, will you then get a ticket? If so, and if they really are repaired in two hours (on average) as the city claims, you may still want to give them a miss.
· L.A. to stop issuing tickets for parking at broken meters [LAT]