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Historic Core's Spring Street Park Getting Dog/Children Divider

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[All but first photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

It was a warm, sunny day on Sunday--the perfect day for Downtowners to visit the new Spring Street Park. But, alas, it was locked up for all of Sunday morning and into the afternoon. Many frustrated locals walked up with their dogs only to turn around in disappointment. Though rumors flew that the park, which just opened a month ago, was closed because mutts were running roughshod over the 0.7-acre space, that's not the case, according to Councilmember Jose Huizar's chief of staff, Paul Habib. "[The recreation and parks department] apologized for this occurrence," Habib tells us. "They explained that the employee that was scheduled to work on Sunday could not make it into work. They did eventually find a replacement and the park was opened later in the day. To avoid this in the future, they are working on installing trilogy locks so that the gates can open and close automatically." Responding to a petition, Huizar's office will also be adding a fence to make sure canines keep out of the park's playground area. Meanwhile, take a little tour below of the month-and-a-half-old green space.

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Spring Street Park

426 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA