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Creepy Startup Has Workers All Living Together in Bel Air Rental

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Updated 1:27 pm: Hey, those of you at the office right now--you're definitely thinking "Boy, I wish I could spend literally all my time here, in this office, thinking about this work and being around these coworkers," right? Who isn't! The staffers at startup Enplug certainly are--twelve of them, including the CEO, live together in a rental house in Bel Air. The rental house has six bedrooms. And three bathrooms. Twelve people. Coworkers. And Enplug is in the business of creating digital billboards, so it's all in the service of a noble cause. Here are some great perqs their living sitch has to offer:

-- Super cool values: "The idea is to live and breathe work—24 hours a day, seven days a week—without the commute and few outside distractions," says the Wall Street Journal.
-- Great work hours/appropriate dress code: "It's past midnight, but many staffers at Enplug ... are milling about the office in their T-shirts and boxers, writing code and talking strategy."
-- Lots of personal time: "Employees and managers meet, work, eat, clean, exercise and sleep in the same space."
-- Facetime with the boss: "there are occasional uncomfortable moments, such as nudging your boss to do the dishes."
-- Excellent compensation: "Most of the staffers living in the house get paid a modest stipend in lieu of salary, while the founders forgo salaries altogether, funneling company earnings back into rent, utilities and large boxes of Cheerios."
-- Fun totalitarianish atmosphere, in the words of the CEO: "We don't try to separate work life from our personal life ? It's a little bit cultish ? It is also extremely efficient."
-- But probably no sex: one couple who lives in the house, "both Enplug software developers in their 30s, say the practical perks, such as free food and rent, make up for the lack of privacy."

Notably, "Employees who choose to live in such arrangements are generally single 20-somethings who have recently left dorm life," because you wanna get to 'em before they realize that "work-life balance" is a thing.

Update: According to a listing from last summer, the house really only has five bedrooms and rents for $5,995 per month. So employees are getting about $500 in free rent a month. Totally worth it.
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