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Holy Shit: Whole Foods is Coming to Downtown

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Time to start moving out, early-adopting Downtowners, 'cause gentrification is complete: Whole Foods has just announced it'll be moving into the enormous Eighth & Grand mixed-user when it's built. You'll have a while to apartment-shop, though, because the project has barely begun--the 42,000-square-foot store is set to open in 2015. Downtowners have been dying for a Whole Foods for years, and a rep says "We've been looking for the right space for close to 10 years as we know that access to natural and organic foods in this neighborhood has been challenging. It makes us very happy to know that we will be filling this need. And, we look forward to working closely with the local community as well as Councilmember Huizar's office as we develop a store that delivers exactly what the community wants and needs." Downtown, which for years offered only a Ralphs, has seen a grocery store boom lately, with a CityTarget, Smart & Final, and Urban Radish all opening recently.
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