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Is Work Finally Starting on the Hollywood Target Project?

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The intersection of Sunset and Western is still pretty sad, but the southwest corner has some action going on--though we can't say for certain that it's construction on the eagerly-anticipated Hollywood Target. The drugstore, grocery store, parking lot, and colorful characters that once populated that space are gone, huge machines appear to be drilling into the Earth, and a Target banner hangs on the construction fencing on Sunset, but Target HQ is reluctant to say when or if their store is coming. "Los Angeles is a great market for Target, but unfortunately, I do not have any information to share about a potential new store at this time," a rep says. The reluctance could have something to do with a lawsuit brought by locals and attorney Robert Silverstein, who contend the project's environmental impact report violated the California Environmental Quality Act (we know we sound like a broken record with this CEQA business). As of last year, a three-story, 164,000-square-foot store with accompanying other retail was planned.
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