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Will Bev Hills Complicate La Cienega Purple Line Work?

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Beverly Hills is warring with Metro over the Century City station on the Purple Line subway extension, suing multiple times over a route under Beverly Hills High. But as the subway is beginning in phases and Century City is part of Phase II, the immediate concern is the Wilshire/La Cienega station, the last stop in the extension's first phase, just within Bev Hills city limits. Metro officials recently spoke at a committee meeting of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, saying they hoped to obtain permits for exemptions that would allow subway work during rush hour, evenings, and in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Beverly Hills Weekly reports (pdf, page seven). The Beverly Hills City Council is holding a "study session" on August 20 to discuss the permits--time is of the essence, as underground utilities need to start being moved around in January. As the city and Metro are not on the best terms right now, and BH is already suing over the subway's environmental impact report, and taking umbrage with work at the La Cienega station, it should be an interesting meeting.
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