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Following Firestorm, Proposed Echo Park Project Adds Retail

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The east end of Echo Park could certainly use some work and there are plans for a shiny new development at Sunset and Everett, not far from DTLA. Set to fill the home of the Reliable Do It Center hardware store, the 201-unit project has met with unhappy locals, peeved about too-little parking (shocking) and the lack of retail (actually shocking). The developer, a Canadian company called Aragon, listened to the gripes and refined the project to include 8,000 square feet of retail on Sunset and 58 extra parking spaces--for a total of 279, Eastsider LA reports. There's no timetable yet for when work will start, as Aragon is still in the process of buying the property, but people are already complaining about the congestion on Eastsider. Though when you choose to live near Dodger Stadium, it seems like you'd be used to regular traffic.
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