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Ventura Man Went to Jail Over Big "Romney is Racist" Neon Sign

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Hey, remember that guy Mitt Romney? He was a politican who ran for we want to say president last year? It's a little fuzzy. But surely you do remember Steven Showers, the batshit fellow in the Conejo Valley who was convinced that Romney's Mormonism made him a racist and put up a 14-foot-tall neon sign to that effect last August (it's 120 pounds, required a crane to mount, and reads "Romney's Racist Heart Dotcom/Save the GOP"). He kept it burning from 8 am to 10 pm every day, along with some little Drudge sirens. Unsurprisingly, that sign was not up to zoning codes. Kind of surprisingly, Showers decided to go to jail over it. After officials cited him, he went to court and "represented himself while wearing a monk's robe," according to New York magazine. He lost and on July 1 he was sent up the river. (You can follow his legal saga on his website.)

But that's not the end of it, thank God! Showers got out of jail last week but he's probably headed right back. His probation requires him to move the sign back, bring its height down, and get permits (which he says he's not eligible for, since he has liens on his home), but he says he doesn't have the money for any of that, and he's certainly not going to take the whole thing down (he's not sure if he'll plug it in again, though): "I wouldn't have any inclination to go to all that effort to basically destroy what I see as my child, a child of my heart and my soul and my mind." A pointless gesture? Oh no, because Showers also believes that Romney will return to seize the White House, in which case a 14-foot-tall neon sign might be the only thing between us and tyranny.
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