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Hollywood Mini-Tower 1601 Vine Will Start Work in 2014

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Since the turn of the decade, the city has been trying to get an office building constructed at 1601 Vine, at Selma, just south of Hollywood Boulevard. The original plan was mired in controversy--the now-dead Community Redevelopment Agency bought the property from a developer for $5.45 million and sold it back for $825,000. So, even after Molly's Burgers, a snack shack that operated on the parcel, got $1 million to vacate, nothing happened--there's now, in this prime Hollywood location, the shuttered burger stand, a closed locksmith shack, surface parking, and homeless people. But something's happening! A memo from the CRA's successor agency, linked on SkyscraperPage, indicates that prolific developer JH Snyder is taking over the development. According to the document, construction must begin by April 2014; Snyder says it can do that. What's coming: an eight-story office building with entertainment-minded clients, 2,000 square feet of groundfloor retail, and five levels of underground parking, which seems excessive, since the subway is a block away.
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