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Why Does This Studio Head Think He Can Just Land His Helicopter Wherever He Wants?

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The LA County Sheriff's Department has launched a criminal investigation into Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh for impeding the February manhunt for murderous ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner--Kavanaugh apparently landed his much-beloved helicopter on the sheriff's helipad in Monterey Park just as the manhunt was beginning. Relativity, the studio in part responsible for Grown Ups 2 and RIPD, says the investigation is a "politically motivated vendetta" to get back at Kavanaugh for supporting Paul Tanaka rather than current sheriff Lee Baca in next year's election, according to the LA Times. But this isn't the first time Kavanaugh's been an asshole with his helicopter (is there a way to not be an asshole with a private helicopter?).

Kavanaugh uses his chopper to commute from Malibu to Relativity's HQ in Beverly Hills because his time is so much more valuable than everyone else's that he feels that all that fuel and aural blight are justified (we're guessing!), and for a while was landing on the "for emergency use only" helipad at the Sofitel Hotel near his office. Neighbors complained, but at the time a top sheriff's official actually wrote a letter to the hotel saying "the department did not oppose Kavanaugh's use of the hotel's helipad." (That was back when Kavanaugh was a friend to Baca.) Sure, there are probably lots of rich jerks coarsening up the LA skies with their constant helicopter trips, but why do we keep hearing about Kavanaugh?
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