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Everyone's Getting Evicted From WeHo's Landmark El Pasadero

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Jerome Nash is at it again. The prince of a guy who bought West Hollywood's historic El Mirador building, kicked out the tenants over a dispute with the city, and left the property vacant for three years (and counting), is now carrying out the eviction of every tenant from the similarly historic, 15-unit El Pasadero building on behalf of its newish owner. According to Wehoville, Nash was hired by Schaefer Funds to manage and renovate the rent-controlled property when the previous owner defaulted on her loan. But a dispute between Schaefer and two long-term tenants "escalated to a war," as another resident put it, and Schaefer decided to evict everyone--a plan fully supported by Nash.

Nevertheless, Nash complained to WeHo News today that he was being "unfairly tagged" with the mass eviction, despite also telling the paper that he'd advised them to do it "to quiet the problematic tenants."

While eviction notices have been served, most residents have up to a year to find new housing, and those on low incomes may now qualify for publicly-subsidized housing. In the meantime, there are no immediate plans for El Pasadero; there's talk of trying to convert it into an "urban inn" (same as he wanted for El Mirador), but Nash says that Schaefer will probably sell the building.

And here's a fun history lesson: the Ellis Act, which states that local governments can't force owners to rent out their properties (and so allows owners to force everyone out of their buildings), is the result of a 1985 lawsuit by one Jerome Nash. The law also states that if a building returns to the rental market within five years, evicted tenants have the right to return at the same rent they were paying; after that they can go for market rates.
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El Mirador Apartments

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