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No Love For School/Apartment Project on El Sereno Hillside

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You know your development plans aren't going over well when your response to an audible gasp from the neighborhood council members is "it's not as bad as it looks." That's what happened at a special meeting of LA-32 neighborhood council last week when the owner of Bancomer Construction and Development presented plans for a mixed-use development including a charter school, cafe, and 20 market-rate apartments. A website set up by opponents shows resistance to just about every part of the plan, in addition to the usual traffic, parking, and pollution concerns:

-- The school: there are already two at the proposed intersection
-- The apartments: they're described variously as market-rate rentals, live/work units, and owner-occupied townhouses. We don't know which option is preferred, but we're guessing none of the above.
-- The location: an empty hillside zoned for single-family residences
-- The height: the proposed building is more than double the current limit.

Hey, guess the cafe is all good! The city is reviewing the plans, but residents seem to take some solace from the presence of staffers from City Councilmember Jose Huizar's office, who they say is a noted proponent of hillside preservation.
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