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LA River Bike Path, Millennium Hollywood Approved

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[Inside Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre, currently being renovated]

Week in Review: After months and years of squabbling and anticipation, this week the City Council approved the Millennium Hollywood project, putting two towers next to the Capitol Records building. Downtown adaptive reuse aficionado Barry Shy is turning a new leaf -- he's building from the ground up, and will add three new buildings on vacant downtown parking lots. Everyone do the happy dance because the Chinese (aka developers Shanghai Greenland) are moving forward on Downtown's Metropolis site. Let's hope they bring some of that architectural awesomeness found on the other side of the Pacific. Putting all of those familiar places to a map finally, Curbed gives you a guide to the film Clueless in LA. A rendering of the proposed remodel of the Petersen Automotive Museum in the Miracle Mile hit the internet and made everybody go bonkers because its a twirly, swirly, ribbony mess of a building. We love it!? And the big news didn't stop coming, as new plans for a 51 mile-long bike/pedestrian path along the full length of the Los Angeles River from the Valley down to Long Beach was announced. Lastly, the Venice Zip Line opened this week and nobody has reported being injured or shot in mid air so things must be going good over there.