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USC Starts Running the Coliseum and Sports Arena on Monday

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USC is set to seize control of the LA Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena on Monday after well over a year of wrangling over the deal--if all goes according to plan, they're supposed to be running things at the two venues for 98 years, but not everything is going according to plan just yet. The deal lets USC take over Exposition Park parking on certain days; the neighboring California Science Center wasn't thrilled about that potential loss of revenue and still hasn't signed off on the agreement. There is, however, a truce on the table now under which the state will reimburse the museum and the African American Museum. Until the CSC officially agrees to that, however, USC will run the venues temporarily, for five months, and in time for football season, the LA Times reports. If there's not a formal deal in place by December 16, though, USC could lose out on that 98-year lease.
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California Science Center

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