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Staples Center Architect Selling 'Bu House He Built For Himself

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Architect Ron Turner--who led the Staples Center design for architecture firm NBBJ--has listed the house he built for himself in Malibu (via Malibu Real Estate blog) and it is remarkably Staplesish, with huge window banks, loads of concrete, and an asymmetrical roof. The two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house was built in 2003 "to commercial construction standards using seismically resistive steel frame and 'low E' insulated tempered glass" and it comes with a one-bedroom guesthouse, pool and spa, and "multiple outdoor entertaining/relaxing spaces, all on about an acre of land. Asking price is $2.499 million.

· 2355 LIVE OAK MEADOWS Rd [Redfin]