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Will the LA River Star in Los Angeles's 2024 Olympics Bid?

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Is LA actually serious about this whole hosting the 2024 summer Olympics thing? When Antonio Villaraigosa signaled his interest earlier this year it seemed like he might just be going through the motions. But a line in yesterday's LA Times makes the bid seem pretty serious, and says it all has to do with the flurry of exciting development all along the LA River. According to the article, there's "increasing talk at City Hall" about the bid, which "could include new facilities near or along the river." Back before the mayoral election, Eric Garcetti expressed his support for the bid, so maybe this is actually happening.

The US International Olympic Committee is expected to announce its short list of host cities later this year (LA's competition includes Tulsa and Boston), and a final decision won't be made until 2017, so it's a little early to get too invested in loving or hating the idea.

Either way, can we take a step back and marvel at the crazy fortnight the LA River is having? It's been literally on fire, had a new pedestrian bridge approved, seen new plans to line the riverside with 51 miles of bike and pedestrian paths, and there's talk of a $1-billion restoration program. And now a possible Olympic role. Guess it finally got tired of being the butt of all those jokes.
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