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Maximalist Designer Hutton Wilkinson Lists Crazy Malibu House

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These are the kind of over-the-top shenanigans designer Hutton Wilkinson gets up to when he's working for clients, so we expected that his own home in Malibu would be totally nutso (Wilkinson started working for legendary maximalist Tony Duquette when he was just 18). It's certainly weird--kinda looks like it belongs to a woodsy Buddhist grandma--but not quite gilded enough to meet our high expectations. That said, the "Adirondack style lodge" does sit on more than 39 acres in the wilds of Malibu, and comes with a dining room, library, tennis court, pool with waterfall, a two-bedroom guesthouse with kitchen, a one-bedroom guesthouse with kitchen, and a vegetable garden. There are also chandeliers salvaged from the bridal salon at Buffums Department Store in Pomona, as Wilkinson told Vanity Fair in 2009--he called them "my favorite chandeliers in the world." The house has been on and off the market since 2005 and by last November it was asking $5.25 million; current asking price is $4.8 million.

· 9199 COTHARIN Rd [Redfin]